Gauging for Anaesthetic & Respiratory Equipment
Gauging for Anaesthetic & Respiratory Equipment

Anaesthetic & Respiratory Equipment

We are a supplier of Gauging for Anaesthetic & Respiratory Equipment including gauging requirements to satisfy ISO 5356-1 : 2015 PART 1 : Cones & Sockets.

In clinical practices, there are several breathing attachments used in anaesthetic and respiratory equipment may have to be joined together to provide a reliable breathing system.

Items of medical equipment, such as a humidifier or a spirometer, are often incorporated into the breathing system which may also be connected to an anaesthetic gas scavenging system. Connections for these parts are usually cone and socket joints, and a lack of standardisation of these connections has given rise to problems of interchangeability when connecting equipment made by different manufacturers.

This is where the ISO 5356-1 specifies the requirements and dimensions for conical connectors used in anaesthetic and respiratory equipment. An important consideration is that conical connections need to be secure but nevertheless be able to be disconnected by the operator

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