Thread Milling Cutters

Thread Milling Cutters

Thread Milling Cutters involve a process of thread production by helical interpolation. Therefore, Mills can and should be used in CNC Machining Centres and CNC lathes. The reason for this is because the centre must be able to move simultaneously in three axis. This is a great option for our clients because the programming is not complicated.  Also, there is no need to have a cycle for thread milling. Additionally, programming and cutting data is available with your Thread Mill Cutter if required.

Why choose Thread Milling?

Clients choose Thread Milling Cutters because of their versatility, consistency and durability.

Foe example, one Thread Mill Cutter produces internal, external, right and left hand, all sizes and class of fit, all materials for any constant pitch. Also, Taper Threads are cut easily with a combination of c/bore, thread chamfer & drilling.

Consistency: – Selection of the correct Thread Mill Cutters will produce repeated accuracy of size and quality. Consequently, this is affected less by variations in material than any other processes.

Longest Life: – The process allows use of superior grades of HSS and Carbide.  Combined with its natural cutting action, this results in significantly longer tool life.

Benefits: – Thread Milling offers a superior finish and as such, the more demanding the material specification becomes, the greater increase in effectiveness. This is beneficial because the torque required is significantly less than required for a comparable tap.

We have a wide range of cutters: solid multi-fluted cutters in straight and helical flute. Through coolant is also available, both straight through and into the flutes. Moreover, deep hole milling is satisfied with runover shank and shell type.

Cutters are manufactured in sub-micro grain carbide and HSS3(8.5%Co, pm). Regrind Service available for Thread Milling Cutters, including re-forming threads and removing damaged teeth. Please contact us on +44 (0)2476 694030 or email us at:


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